Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Milo Vest - Revisited

So way back in April of last year, I finished this Milo vest for Sage. It was really big even though I made it in a 3T. Plus she HATED it. She wouldn't even try it on. So I stuck it in her closet and forgot about it. Enter Fall 2013. I found that cute purple vest hanging in her closet and hoped that enough time had passed that a) it fit and b) she forgot that she disliked it. When I mentioned trying it on she was excited and even laid it out to wear the next day (that is a key part of getting dressed in our house!). It's still a little bit big, but I'm loving it.

So the next day she put it on and wore it ALL DAY. That makes this mama's heart happy because that was no easy knit - my first cables and first attempt and something more than a scarf or mitts. I love vests for Sage since it's so hard to convince her to wear a coat or sweatshirt and keep it on!

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