Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mercer Tunic - Personalized

I seriously love this pattern. It is so "me." Simple and flowing with a few details that are so right. I always like to make the pattern just as it was intended this first go around. Then as I get to know the pattern, I become more confident in tweaking it and making it a bit different. So this here is my 3rd time sewing the Mercer Tunic and I've made a few modifications. For starters I added 4 inches to the hem when I was cutting this out. I then used a shirt-tail shirt I already had to trace the shape hem on this new tunic. I really like the extra length and rounded shape in front and back with the higher sides - especially since the print of my fabric is so boxy.

Speaking of fabric. I picked up this lovely piece while I was in Paris last month. I visited Atelier Brunette and couldn't resist this soft lightweight print in the prettiest royal blue!
The other modification that I decided to make on this version was too omit the buttons. I simply sewed the placket up about halfway (so it's not too revealing!) and left it! I felt like the buttons would just take away from the top and I didn't want that. Or maybe I just didn't find the right buttons! Anyway - I figured that I could always add the buttons and buttonholes later if I wanted.


Did I mention that I love this top? I think it will always bring back memories of my special trip to France this year (and maybe also the blisters on my feet from walking to find this fabric store!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mercer Tunic

The latest addition to my fall wardrobe is not one but two mercer tunics. I sewed up the first one as my wearable muslin (because really- who wants to sew something for nothing?). I got about 10 yards of this nice lightweight linen/cotton fabric at a random sewing club sale in town where they were selling fabric at $1/ pound!

After sewing this wearable muslin and loving it, I decided to cut into my "good" fabric bought earlier this year at Bolt in Portland. I will say that both fabrics were a bit hard to cut out since they are a little slippery. So I made sure to take it slow while cutting and make sure there was no shifting.
I absolutely love how both these tunics turned out. They hit below my hips, covering most of my bum, and are perfect to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. I love the small gathers at each shoulder and at the back and the button placket jazzes it up a bit. I'm super happy with how these turned out! I'm sure I'll be wearing these year round since I usually run hot and love to layer. Now my only question is - should I make more or try a new pattern?