Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day in the Garden

All of my seeds just popped out of the ground into little seedlings. I'm so excited! Our garden is bigger than last year as we added a 10x10 plot in addition to the 5 raised beds and pots we had from last year. Let's see if I can remember everything I've planted: kale, lettuce, carrots, leeks, beets, swiss chard, more kale, pole beans, bush beans, lemon cukes, slicing cukes, butternut squash, green & white squash, raspberries, tomatoes, basil, fennel, cilantro, oregano, chives oh and KALE, did I mention that?? I love kale. Why didn't I find you sooner?? Sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic...ummmmm...I could eat you every night. In addition to all my new plants I have rhubarb, strawberries and blueberries from last year and our pear tree is loaded so I'm hoping for more than the ONE pear we got last year. We have a few more trees that got planted last year that the deer decided were theirs. So I'm hoping this year we get some fencing up around them before the deer remember they are there! I'll leave you with some pictures I took today so you can see for yourself! Add Image

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Binky, Binky, Binky

So yesterday, on a whim, I decided that it was time for Wyatt to give up the binky. I'm not sure what came over me but we were getting ready for nap time and I did this really horrible thing and cut off the tip of his binky, rendering it "broken." Poor binky. And then, just like that, there was no turning back. Of course Wyatt was heartbroken over the ordeal and obviously nap time did not go as smoothly as it had in the past. But he woke up from his nap broken binky in hand and told me again that it was broken. Then he simply said: Garbage. So I asked him if he wanted to throw it away and he said yes. We put it in the garbage and I explained that it couldn't come back out, and that was that. That was probably the best thing about this whole adventure because now everytime he asks for it I remind him that he put it in the garbage!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Arent' they beautiful? I just love having chickens and fresh eggs everyday. How did I live so long without them?? I get this sense of satisfaction when I walk through the grocery store knowing that I don't have to stop for eggs. For those of you who don't know, I have four hens and one turkey. That white speckled egg above is in fact a turkey egg. Who would have known, right?? This morning I went down to check on the girls and a hen and the turkey were not out. So I checked the first two laying box thinking the hen would be in one of them, but she wasn't. So I opened the last box (my husband built me this really cool chicken coop and you can either walk into it or check the boxes from the outside so you don't have to go in) and there I found the turkey sitting on the hen! It was quite a sight. Now I'm wishing I would have had my camera with me. Note to self: start carrying camera everywhere. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Vee Sews!
I've finally decided to take the plunge and move forward with my blog. I've been inspired and urged by friends and family to start a blog but I guess I've been a little hesitant. I mean I'm spread thin already between my son, husband, household chores, animals, crafts etc., etc., how on earth am I going to find time to keep up on a BLOG??? Well, I'm going to try. I plan to fill this space with my creations on my sewing machine, with my knitting needles, in the kitchen and from the garden. These are the things that I love to do and I hope you enjoy reading and check back often! This week has been a sewing week. When it's gray and rainy here I feel like it's a good excuse to stay inside and sew. With the exception of Friday, it was gray and rainy. I just got Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and felt truly inspired by all of the wonderful patterns in her book. Sew to get right to it here are a few things I made this week. The Everything Tote from Weekend Sewing for me, V: Lucy's Kimono from Weekend Sewing. A little present for a friend: Kai's Shirt from Weekend Sewing for the boy: And a pair of shorts for the boy too: Happy Weekend to all!