Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Honey Cowl + New Hair

This Honey Cowl just came off my needles and I didn't wait to wear it. It's so lovely and soft! The yarn is Madelinetosh Rios from my local yarn shop that just closed. Boo. The pattern is the honey cowl - it's free - start making one today, you won't regret it. My husband happily obliged and took some photos of me wearing it today while we played in the Olympics.

Honey Cowl

Oh - and about the hair. It's a new color for me and I'm loving it! I've always wanted to put some red in my hair and I've always been too scared - until now. 

View from the top!

We have a tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving in the Olympics every year. Since we will be visiting my parents for Thanksgiving this year and I work every weekend up until Christmas we decided to get it today. I'm so happy we did. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains. We had blue skies with just a dusting of snow on the ground (Wyatt was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more snow). The kids had a great time and so did the adults!

Eating Snow!

Licking the snow from her fingers!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Purple Sparkly Bimaa

Happy Friday! Remember a while back when I said I was going to make a Bimaa Sweater for Sage? Well it's done.

This was seriously one of the easiest things I've sewn in a while. It took a bit to figure out what direction the cowl part needed to be to attach to the sweater but after that it was done. I sewed a size 5T for Sage so it wouldn't be too tight and she could wear a t-shirt underneath in case it was a little itchy. I love the way it turned out. Now I'm just wondering when I can get the pattern in my size???

 Back view
I found this knit in the clearance section at JoAnns. It's really stretchy and has some tiny silver sparkles in it. I can't wait to make a few more of these. This pattern is awesome. It has the option for a hood or shawl neck instead of a cowl. I have some neutral knit fabric that I might try next. I thought it would be fun to stencil something fun on the front. Stay tuned...

Perfect for playing hide-and-seek!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wyatt's Room Re-Do

This re-do is seriously overdue. It all came to a head last week when I found myself super frustrated with Wyatt for not cleaning his room. It was then that I realized that he didn't have any good options on where to put all of that stuff that young boys collect. I needed to do something to help him and his disaster of a room. So when he left for the weekend to go hunting with Daddy I headed straight to IKEA with all the measurements I needed (SO glad I thought of this before I left the house!). Wyatt's room has this awkward little cubby/nook and I found a tall bookshelf that fills the space perfectly. All of his books fit on it plus most of his stuffed animals (that he refuses to minimize). I did away with his side table and moved his bed next to the new bookshelf where I put his lamp.

Before: Middle of re-arranging, excuse the mess!

Before: The awkward cubby

Before: The awkward cubby with too small shelf.

After: The nook with new bookshelf.

The other new addition was a desk. A school boy needs a desk. I've been casually looking around since the summer for a small child size desk. I thought maybe I could find one at a garage sale and update it for him but I never found anything that great for the right price. This new desk matches the bookshelf and it's the perfect size for a young child. Also - it has a magnetic white board hutch that fits on top of the desk. This gives just a little more storage, plus trophy display area, and it's perfect for the kid who likes to display his art/signs/warnings/notes all over the wall. Now he has a specific place for that.

After: New desk!
After: Desk

The room re-do wouldn't be complete with out a little DIY. And by little, I really do mean little (as long as you exclude the hours it took to assemble the furniture solo). I glued some of Wyatt's toy dinosaurs to some magnets and - Voila! Cute and functional for the boy. Less than 5 minutes.
DIY dino magnets

I've got a few things left to finish - like bolting that tall shelf to the wall and adding a little over head light to the top. But the other DIY I'm hoping to complete soon is a upholstered headboard. I already have the fabric - some camo Wyatt picked out a while ago (shocking, right?). Now I just need the hubby to cut me a piece of wood and I'll be ready to start.

I always struggle with putting things on the wall. I like to have artwork/ pictures up but I feel like I'm too picky and so I just do nothing. What do you think should go on the walls in here?