Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pom-Poms and Polka Dots

I can not believe how quickly this summer is passing. It seems like every week more things get added to the calendar and we are constantly doing something. Don't get me wrong - it has been great. We've gone berry picking, visited Eugene, camping with friends, the zoo, bike rides, and lots of play dates. But sometimes it's nice to just be home. Yesterday was exactly like that. When there is no pressure to be somewhere it's amazing what happens around here. My creative juices flow and although I usually jump from one half finished project to the next, it's lovely and relaxing and sometimes exactly what I need. Yesterday was full. Full of lots of things and nothing all at once. The kids entertained themselves with some long forgot craft supplies, I sewed, baked, cooked, gardened and got some other necessary chores done.  I felt productive and decided I needed a couple more days like that before summer is over.
But back to the pom-poms and polka dots. A week or so ago I was rearranging Sage's room (for those of you who don't know - I rearrange furniture all the time - it's one of my favorite things to do) and I decided to take the closet doors off. I moved her doll house into the closet thinking it would be the perfect little nook to play in.

But of course it needed something. Something in the way of some light curtains. So off to the fabric store I went in search of something just right. I found this cute lightweight polka dot fabric and some pom-pom trim for the edge.

I already had the curtain rod, so that part was easy. I attached it to the inside of the closet, made some tie-backs out of the same fabric and attached 3M hooks on the inside of the closet to hold the tie-backs in place.

I love this little nook!