Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harper Happenings...

I'm not as great as I'd like to be about updating my blog. So this post is dedicated to some recent happenings around here. We had Easter, complete with a visit from the Easter bunny! Sage wore the t-shirt dress I made for her a while back, which made my day. Wyatt on the other hand.... well we couldn't get him to wear anything that we wanted him to. Stubborn that boy is!

We celebrated Dennis' birthday and instead of a cake, I made him a pie per his request. His request was a berry pie and since, well, it's spring I thought strawberry of course. And then I saw this recipe for a strawberry cream pie somewhere - probably pinterest (where else???) and it was settled. I think what made me love this pie the most was the crumb topping. I mean how can you go wrong with brown sugar and butter??? YUM!

And I leave you with this picture.

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