Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Off the needles

Last night this beauty came off my needles.
the Milo vest
The yarn is hand-spun and dyed by a friend from her alpaca. The pattern is called Milo, found on Ravelry. Generally I like quick and easy projects since I'm pretty much an instant gratification type of person. But I've been trying to challenge myself more and more with each new project. This was my first attempt at cables. I'm not sure why I waited quite so long because truthfully, they were not as hard as I had made them out to be in my head.

While we are looking at this pretty purple vest for my sweet Sage, I'm reminded of another recent project of sorts. I love kids in white but really it's so silly. Every single white shirt that Sage has is stained. Chocolate milk, tomato sauce... So I decided to dye all those stained white shirts. I picked up a cheap box of purple RIT dye, tossed all those stained shirts in the wash, turned my machine on and hoped all would turn out well. I''m super pleased with the results. Sage now has a handful of shirts that can be worn again!

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