Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bow Tie for the Boy

The kids were invited to a Fancy Nancy birthday party and asked to wear their fanciest attire. I had Sage covered but wondered what on earth Wyatt would wear. Then I remembered one of my favorite outfits of his from several years back. It was the outfit he wore to my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. The suspenders are adjustable, so I simply cut the buttons off the pants and sewed them on to a pair of pants he already had. Then I found this super cute (and easy) pattern for a bow tie, asked Wyatt to pick some fabric for his new bow tie (to ensure that he liked it!) and got to work. Then I bribed him to put it all on and go outside for some pictures. Yes, I bribed him with a jar full of gummies... I'm not proud, but I did get some super cute pictures of him. The jar is like his prop for the photo shoot!

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