Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkins, Hearts and Feathers

This post boast 3 things: 1) another new dress for Sage - in hearts 2) Our trip to the pumpkin patch and 3) a feather hair clip. Let's back up a bit. I decided that I would make Sage a Halloween costume (more on that later this month) but before I started cutting the fabric for her costume I needed to make a proto-type dress and pattern to make sure it would fit right. So I dug through the stash and came up with this super cute corduroy heart print that some of you may recognize. I made a simple A-line pattern based roughly on a dress she has. The front was super simple so I added some pleated pockets. The back has a keyhole loop and button closure so it can easily fit over her head. I used bias tape for the neck line and arm loops. Easy peasy. I actually started and finished this dress after dinner last night, which surprised even myself. And what better day to wear it than on our trip to the pumpkin patch with Wyatt's school.
The Pumpkin, The Dress & The Feathers: The Feathers:
The Dress & Sage smelling the Flowers:
And just because I couldn't decide when to stop with the pictures, the rest:

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