Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Decor

I love Fall! And really I love any excuse to redecorate or change the decor in my house. But what I'm really loving right now is my new bench seat. I asked my father-in-law if he would help me build a bench seat for the big window in my dining room. I guess by help I really meant: build it for me! And that is exactly what he did. Although I totally would have helped. I really wanted the bench seat to look like it belonged there. So we used the same trim on the front of the bench and put the bead board on to tie into the doors. After almost a month of working on it, it finally found it's way home last weekend and I love it! And you know I have a sewing project or two planned for this seat, right? But right now I placed some pillows that I already had there and I'm liking it. Did I mention that the inside of this bench in lined with the most beautiful and delicious smelling cedar? Well it is!
See that sweet little pumpkin in the corner? The bottom of it is all green - I love it!
Anyone else addicted to Pinetrest? I am. It's a love hate thing. The love is that there are so many great ideas on there. The hate is that I spend way too much time on there and not nearly enough time actually doing. I did find some time one afternoon to make my version of this cute leaf banner as seen here. I had all the felt scraps on hand so I just spent some time cutting out leaf shapes and then I just sewed them all together. Really, it was super easy. Here are some close ups of my leaf banner. Happy Fall everyone!

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