Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chicks & Bloomers

I got up early this morning and had the chance and energy to do some early morning sewing. Another project from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing: baby bloomers. I think these turned out so cute. Now I just need a willing little girl to try them on for me. The rest of my day turned out to be a success too. I've been feeling foggy headed now for what seems like forever but woke up this morning feeling a little more energized and so went out to run some errands. I was totally out of chicken food so had to make a trip to the feed store. This was dangerous. They had chicks. Lots and lots of chicks. For Sale. Yup - I couldn't resist and came home with four more. They are sooo cute! I'm hoping hubby isn't too upset with my "surprise." I got 2 production reds and 2 frizzle bantams. But in my defense and reasoning - I think once these start laying I will start selling eggs. So if anyone out there is interested, let me know!

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Cliff said...

Very cute chicks.