Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Out with the Gold

 We've lived in our house for 3 1/2 years and I'm ashamed to admit that this awful gold skeleton of a chandelier has been hanging up the entire time. With no light bulbs or glass. I didn't work and I saw it every day. In fact I saw it every time I came down the stairs. So awful!

Since I'm currently in project mode, I decided it was high time to change that. One of my favorite blogs to follow for DIY home inspiration had just purchased this light for her entry and I loved it! It's big enough to fill the space and make a significant impact but also simple and classic.

I put an Edison bulb in it which gives off the perfect glow at night, just like a night light. And really, besides the fact that both my husband and I had to get on the ladder nearly 20 feet up while he wired the light and I held it, this project was easy!

Oh and while I was up there and the ladder was out I got to clean all the dead flies and dust off the window sill that I can't reach otherwise. Of course that lead to cleaning the window inside.... and then climbing on the roof and cleaning all the windows on the outside... and then since the ladder was up and I was on the roof - cleaning out the gutters. Whew! I love that kind of project! It leaves me feeling productive and that one new light leaves a big impact. Crossing that off my list, next up will be new lights outside, then the porch....

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