Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeling Felty

While in Eugene I picked up this nice wool sweater at Value Village with the intention of felting it. (I picked up a few others but I like them so much I can't bring myself to felt them!) And so I made my boy a pair of mittens and matching hat today. I will admit to bribing him with Christmas chocolate in exchange for posing for these pictures. Is that bad?? All week I've been tempted to go back to Value Village to scout out some more sweaters but I'm trying to downsize over here (to make room for the new babe) and so I've been good. But I tried on this hat myself and it fits and the pattern is so cute and easy that I think a trip is in order! So keep watching you might see a set for me in the near future. Happy New Year to All!!

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Lee, Lucy, Angel Bandit, Gwinn and Harley said...

Darling - and no, good bribes are always OK!