Sunday, January 10, 2010

New and Upcoming Knitting

I decided to start the New Year with some new knits. I finished a pair of the Maine Morning Mitts for myself, in black, of course because it's my favorite color to wear. I also decided it was high time that this new baby of ours have something mama-made, ready and waiting for his/her arrival. The only problem (not really) was that I couldn't decide on just one new project to start, so I started two. I've got lots of other projects waiting in the wings but I figured I'd finish these two first. Any ideas what they might be??
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Marie-Helene said...

Vanessa, your blog is fascinating, I did not know all those things you made! that's a lot of energy and creativity! I just love the 2 little hats for baby , the heart crayons, the beautiful baby blanket. And of course Wyatt is a gorgeous model!
Bravo! Marie-Helene.