Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome Ruby!

We got a new puppy. Her name is Ruby. She is the sweetest thing ever. See for yourself.

See. I told you.

As some of you know, we lost our family dog, Taryn, to cancer right before Christmas. It was hard and sad for everyone. Life just isn't the same without a dog when you are used to having one around. We found this little girl and the breeder agreed to hold her for us until the weekend when we could drive out to get her. So we made a trip to Eastern Washington, picked her up and headed to the ranch to visit some friends. Ruby got some serious loving from everyone and fit right in immediately. She was a great rider in the car and she is learning fast!  We are happy to welcome Ruby to our family!

 If you've never seen my "ranch" posts before, know that going to the ranch is always a good time. It is basically Wyatt's dream world. He keeps asking us when we can have a farm... and since we have no intention of starting our own farm, visiting the ranch is the next best thing. Our friends raise cattle (darn I didn't get any pictures this time!), goats and sheep and also have lots of dogs, horses and an alpaca, cat and bird. Wheew. The kids had a blast riding the horses, chasing the goats, feeding the alpaca and playing with the dogs. Us adults had a great visit and enjoyed watching the kids have so much fun!
Sage on the miniature horse

Wyatt on the pony

Wyatt on Fred

Sage and I riding Fred

Beautiful snow covered trees.

Our friends run Promised Land Fibers where they raise their own lambs as well as spin and dye their own yarn. We have been buying lambs from them for the last two years and they are delicious!

The sheep

Remember that purple vest I knit for Sage? Well it is made from hand spun, hand dyed yarn from this alpaca.

The alpaca
 I leave you with this beautiful picture not only of the sheep but of the peaceful landscape. What a wonderful place to spend the weekend.

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