Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wyatt's Room Re-Do

This re-do is seriously overdue. It all came to a head last week when I found myself super frustrated with Wyatt for not cleaning his room. It was then that I realized that he didn't have any good options on where to put all of that stuff that young boys collect. I needed to do something to help him and his disaster of a room. So when he left for the weekend to go hunting with Daddy I headed straight to IKEA with all the measurements I needed (SO glad I thought of this before I left the house!). Wyatt's room has this awkward little cubby/nook and I found a tall bookshelf that fills the space perfectly. All of his books fit on it plus most of his stuffed animals (that he refuses to minimize). I did away with his side table and moved his bed next to the new bookshelf where I put his lamp.

Before: Middle of re-arranging, excuse the mess!

Before: The awkward cubby

Before: The awkward cubby with too small shelf.

After: The nook with new bookshelf.

The other new addition was a desk. A school boy needs a desk. I've been casually looking around since the summer for a small child size desk. I thought maybe I could find one at a garage sale and update it for him but I never found anything that great for the right price. This new desk matches the bookshelf and it's the perfect size for a young child. Also - it has a magnetic white board hutch that fits on top of the desk. This gives just a little more storage, plus trophy display area, and it's perfect for the kid who likes to display his art/signs/warnings/notes all over the wall. Now he has a specific place for that.

After: New desk!
After: Desk

The room re-do wouldn't be complete with out a little DIY. And by little, I really do mean little (as long as you exclude the hours it took to assemble the furniture solo). I glued some of Wyatt's toy dinosaurs to some magnets and - Voila! Cute and functional for the boy. Less than 5 minutes.
DIY dino magnets

I've got a few things left to finish - like bolting that tall shelf to the wall and adding a little over head light to the top. But the other DIY I'm hoping to complete soon is a upholstered headboard. I already have the fabric - some camo Wyatt picked out a while ago (shocking, right?). Now I just need the hubby to cut me a piece of wood and I'll be ready to start.

I always struggle with putting things on the wall. I like to have artwork/ pictures up but I feel like I'm too picky and so I just do nothing. What do you think should go on the walls in here?


emily said...

Hi! This is amazing!!!! I bet Wyatt will love it!

For the art question, how do you feel about gallery walls? I saw one once with kids art that was amazing! They used white frames in different sizes and the colors in the art popped.

I think if the pieces of art use colors that complement each other you'd be golden. Don't be afraid to photocopy pieces of their art, making it larger or smaller and only framing parts of it. Have the kids sign it before you frame it.

When you step back and look at the wall as a whole, the abstract feeling is where you can bring in your flair and make it a little more sophisticated, if you want, through balance of color and white space. That way you can highlight their art but be as picky as you want. :) The best part of all, you can change it up whenever you want. Swap in new art on a whim.

Just an idea but could be a lot of fun for all of you!

Vanessa said...

Ooo... Thanks Emily. I like that idea a lot. I love gallery walls (I already have a few going on in our house).