Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

For Father's Day we decided to go to Emerald Downs to watch the horse races. We took Dennis' parents and surprised his dad, who had no idea where we were going. Emerald Downs has "Family Days" starting on Father's Day and it was great for the kids. They had pony rides, face painting, bounce houses and lots of other activities for kids. We of course had to do the pony rides. The people running the pony rides were awesome. I swear the kids got at least a 10 minute pony ride!

The races were great fun to watch too. It took a while for us to figure out how to actually place a bet but when we did it was fun to go watch the horse and pick one to bet on.

The thing that interested Wyatt the most was a little show they had going on called "Predator's of the Wild." It was a traveling show which included snakes (lots of snakes), alligators, possums, armadillos, skunks, etc. Wyatt loves anything that has to do with animals so he was intrigued and we ended up watching the show a couple of times. The kids even got to get their picture taken with an alligator! Don't worry - his mouth was taped shut!

All together we had a fantastic Father's Day! Hope you did too!

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