Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jammies + Clothesline = Happy Mama

I can never believe my luck when I find Anna Maria Horner (my favorite fabric designer) fabric on sale. A few weeks ago, it happened again - I found this lovely AMH voile for half off!!! So I bought 2 yards figuring I would surely think of something to make. And I did. I decided to make myself a new pair of pj shorts in this super soft, lightweight fabric. I used a pretty simple pj pant pattern from my Weekend Sewing book and modified it to be shorter then just added some curve on the outside leg. Love!
The other thing I have to share is my new clothesline. Well actually it's not new. But it's new to this house. I love drying my clothes on the line in the summertime. There is something about the fresh, crisp clothes just off the line that I love. So hubby kindly installed this for me last weekend. It's accessible right off my back porch so I don't have to go far to hang my clothes. Now all I need is some sunshine so I can get my clothes out there!

I still haven't got around to making tags to attach to the clothes I make but I have been experimenting with fabric paint. For these shorts I simple sewed on a piece of ribbon and stenciled a "V" on with some fabric paint.

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