Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Updates

It's been staying lighter later, the sun has been shining and Spring is almost here. I love this time of year. It motivates me to get all sorts of things done in preparation for enjoying them this summer. My list is long, but it's getting tackled and that makes me happy. A few things on my "list" include building a chicken coop, planting a garden, and generally working on the yard to get it the way we like. The chicken coop building started last weekend and continued on this weekend. I haven't taken on much of the building (that is my hubby's role) but I am the support crew - bring them food and treats, keeping the kids out of the way, etc. But in the meanwhile, I've been planting a few flowers and cleaning up around the yard a bit. I made a few changes around the back porch which mostly included moving planters and stuff we already had. The result is better than before, but maybe not completely done:

Another project that I finished this weekend was a an old window converted to jewelry organizer. I found this old window at Flea Market Chics. It had some rope stapled to the sides to hand stuff on but it wasn't really what I needed. (opps - I forgot to take before pictures, sorry) So I pulled out the rope and all the staples. I then nailed some chicken wire to the back and hung a few really small hooks from the top. Ta-da!

I love it! And now I have no excuse to leave my jewels laying all over the place!

While we were at Disneyland I got some silhouettes of the kids made. I wanted to display them and so the hunt for some shelves was on. I went to my favorite store for random stuff: TJ Maxx and found exactly what I was looking for - some floating shelves and some frames for the sweet silhouettes. This wall was totally bare before with just the framed picture of Avignon on it. I had thought that eventually I'd add a bunch of frames and make a sort of collage with them, but it wasn't happening. I can easily change out or add to what is on the shelves now. 

So that is what's new around here! What is on your "list?" What are you working on?? Leave me a comment - I'd love to know!

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Heather said...

Love that jewelry holder! And the shelves with the silhouettes! As you know, I'm doing some indoor home makeover projects as well, but you've inspired me to think about the outdoors too. Maybe it's not too late to plan a little garden - or at least some small vegetable boxes on the deck. Thanks for the inspiration!