Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring Napkin Rings

Our table needed a little update - in the form of some new napkins and napkin rings. We use cloth napkins on a daily basis and I was getting tired of seeing the same rotation of napkins. I thought it would be fun to make some new spring-y napkins and some personalized napkin rings for everyone. My mother-in-law has a super fancy embroidery machine, so I took my napkin rings down to play. Just a simple initial for the adults and the kiddos got some fun buttons on theirs. The initial napkin rings got fabric-covered buttons in the print on the back of the napkins, a sweet little blue and yellow daisy. The napkin rings are reversible and are in the same colors as the napkins, but not the same fabric. I'm thinking this may be my new go-to gift, a set of personalized napkin rings for the whole family!


Vanessa said...

Napkin ring tutorial found on the Prudent Baby:

rimrocker said...

Napkin rings? Really awesome and unique I must say!