Monday, August 3, 2009

Sebastien & Hope's Wedding

My little brothers wedding was a much anticipated event. They had asked people to dress in "jazz era attire" if we so desired. And so, as you might have read previously, I set out to make Wyatt a little newsboy outfit to wear to the wedding and I needed to make a slip to go under my dress. I also had to sew buttons on my husbands pants so he could wear suspenders. It was a lot of work getting it all done (on top of finishing the quilt!), but I did it. The day before the wedding we spent downtown Portland looking for hats to match our attire. My husband found a great panama-style hat for a super great price and he looked so good in it! I'm sure you are all anxious for pictures so here you go: The wedding was so much fun. It was great to see that lots of people dressed up. Everyone looked so fantastic! We had such a great time and Wyatt even stayed up until nearly midnight dancing with mom and dad!


Lee, Lucy, Angel Bandit, Gwinn and Harley said...

You all look so "jazzy"!

Molly Dennin said...

What a great job you did putting all your outfits together, V! You guys looked great!