Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice Dress

I've really been enjoying sewing for myself lately. There are so many great patterns out there and I'm getting more and more confident with my sewing skills. But really I like to keep my style pretty simple. This dress is just that. Simple. Simple to sew. Simple to wear. What spices it up a bit is the fabric choice. This is a linen print from JoAnns and its so, so comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. The pattern is the Wiksten Tank/ Dress.

So if you are wondering why I've been absent on the blog this Spring, you're looking at it. The wood pile. This pile of wood had to be split, stacked and moved numerous times. And don't let that facade fool you. This pile goes back about 8 rows. So yea, I was working on the wood pile this Spring... I'm very happy that it's Summer and the  wood is stacked and I can re-claim my back yard!

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