Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back panel shirt-tail top

In my mind I've been obsessing over this top for a while now. I saw a black and white striped shirt at a favorite boutique of mine and thought - I can make that. So the idea brewed around in my head for quite some time until I could take it no longer. First day of spring break rolled around and it's all I could think about. My kids were happily occupied with their new Duck Tails video from the Easter Bunny, so I went for it.
I loosely followed the seafarer top pattern but modified it based on a top that I had and liked the fit of. I cut my fabric a bit generously to allow for adjustments. From there I just modified and adjusted until I liked it! Ta-da!

The main fabric is a really small black and white strip knit. And the back is floral cotton. I love the pop of color and the shirt-tail hem! The top of the floral panel is attached with a small pleat which makes it a bit fuller in the back but leaves the front a bit more fitted. The neck and the arm holes are finished with a band.

It's perfect for Spring!

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