Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Year in the Making: My Sweater

You guys!!! I finished my sweater! I started this sweater last fall, as in Fall 2013. I worked on it little by little while watching my favorite TV shows until my fingers were too tired.  And truthfully I'm not a big knitter in the summer months, maybe because there is no good TV and because holding a big pile of wool is just too hot. I finished this sweater the week before Thanksgiving and was so excited to wear it.

The front is open but I have a giant safety pin that I can use to keep the top closed. I like that I can just wrap it around me as tight or loose as I like. The yarn is cascade 220, 100% wool. The sleeves are purposely 3/4 length. It is the caramel pattern free on ravelry.

To say that I love this sweater is an understatement. When I started knitting I made lots of fingerless mitts, hats and scarfs. Those were fun but I wanted to challenge myself to knit something a little more complicated. I thought this would be a great pattern because of the open front. I didn't have to be too concerned with the fit. I'm super proud of myself! Now the question is: What should I knit next??


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