Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Update

Wow! Things have been crazy around here. We found a new house and so we are moving. So there has been all sorts of madness surrounding that. We are finding little bits of time here and there to enjoy our summer. For all of you who follow my blog, I am updating with a TON of new pictures. I have no new projects to share as I'm barely keeping up with my two kids and moving, cleaning, laundry, cooking and other daily tasks. So I hope you'll forgive me and enjoy these new pictures.
A friends darling new puppy, Maeby.
Sage, 14 weeks!
Wyatt playing with Sage
Wyatt strawberry picking
Sage enjoying the sun
Hardworking Wyatt
Enjoying a summer evening
Dinner on the deck
My daliahs
Beautiful butterfly
King of the Mountain
Taking my girlfriend for a ride
Swimming lessons with Ella
Sage 11 weeks
Wyatt and Maeby
Puppy kisses
Serious bike rider


Molly said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of Sage @ 14 weeks looks JUST like Dennis!!

So, let's see this new house! A link? Pics? Something!

Please let me know if I can help in any way, V. I can even take Wyatt to the park or something for a few hours if you need some time to get stuff done.

Black Cat Ranch said...

Awesome pictures! I agree with Molly - Sage does look a lot like Dennis in that picture!

Help's here if you need it, too!

hopeyt said...

SO sweet!!! I love all these pictures!

Thanks, Vee!