Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dot dot dot...

Remember that stack of fabric that I posted a picture of a few weeks ago? Well I've been working away with it. When I saw the print with the big grey dots, I knew that they would add the perfect punch to our bedroom. I decided to make them into new pillow shams for our bed and I love, love, love how they turned out. The strips on dots on the back were a happy accident from my lack of planning!
In addition to the new pillow shams, I whipped up some quick table covers for the side tables. The grey and yellow fits perfectly with the colors scheme in our bedroom. I love to add fabric where ever I can and so that's what I was going for with these. The new pillow shams and table covers really make me happy and make the room feel like it's finally coming together. I also hemmed the curtain, moved the pile of hardibacker (that has been on the floor in our room since we moved in) and did some rearranging of chairs to make the room feel more complete and closer to what I want it. I still have a few projects planned for this room, which I'll be sure to share. What you aren't seeing in these pictures is that currently our double bathroom vanity is in our bedroom. I'm trying desperately to be patient while we wait for our tile guy... more on that later.

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