Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Office Re-Arrange

In preparation for the new baby I had to get rid of my beloved drafters table/desk. It was simply too big for what is now a shared baby's room/office. I shed many a hormone induced tear over just the thought of getting rid of this desk, but finally cleaned it out and asked my husband to take it out. And so I brought back the table I had used previously. Not only does this table have no drawers unlike my drafters table but it's significantly smaller, which is great for fitting the rocking chair in this shared room. But I still had the problem of where to put all my stuff. And by stuff I mean all the stuff left after I packed out about 4 giant bins of stuff for storage. These things I'm talking about are my bare essentials of office/crafting activities. So my thoughts drifted towards some wall shelving. In attempt to make my happy, my husband hopped right on the idea and took me shopping that very afternoon. I'm thrilled with what I found and it seems to solve my stuff problem. I found these great bins at Lowe's for less than $2.50 each, so I snatched them all up and they work beautifully at hiding all that stuff and making everything look neat and tidy. Although it's still not the same as having my beloved drafting table, it's working out just fine.

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The Three of Us said...

Looks great V. You should be a home organizer for people. You are very good at it. I love your style. Hope all is well and hope that we can possibly get together when I get back.