Monday, February 1, 2010

Brioches aux Gouttes de Chocolat

I have a slight obsession with french pastries. They are just SOO good. There really aren't any bakeries in the area that can do them justice, so I must resort to baking them myself. Let me tell you though that this is no easy process. These pastries in particular take at least 2 days to make... but they are so worth the time, effort and wait. I found this book at the library and have been inspired to bake. Here's a picture to make you hungry. If you live close enough, come on over and I'll share! Before being baked: After, ready to eat:


The Three of Us said...

There are French bakery's all over Japan. We have these same things at breakfast every morning. You did a good job. They look really good.

Black Cat Ranch said...

Oh...I wish I were home 'cause I'd take you up on your offer to share! Yum!

Molly Dennin said...

Wow, those look amazing!!